Season: November


Flowers for a Tea occasion

Season: November
By Grand Master Fuden-an Sojitsu

Flowers: Sarashina-shoma, Toranoo-no-teriha, and nokongiku or chrysanthemum.
Vase: Chosengaratsu style pottery.

The month of November marks the beginning of the new season for tea which results in the installation of Ro and the use of a new tea.

The photo represents the Tokonoma of a tea room where we take light tea after drinking thick tea in another room where I displayed Camelia flowers. The white of the Sarashina-shoma and the red of the Toranoo-no-teriha represent happiness. The Chrysanthemum balances the colors of the floral ensemble. The pottery is an art piece representative of the Chosengaratsu style.